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Reaches New Heights

reaches new heights3/12/12
Jackson Campus

Business Professionals of America (BPA) members from Minnesota West - Jackson Campus, performed well in both individual and team competitions at the State Leadership Conference, which was held February 23-25, 2012 in Mankato. Those placing 1st – 5th in the various competitions at the state level move on to compete at the national level. The group is now making preparations to attend the National Leadership Conference which will be held in Chicago, April 25 - 28, 2012.

Approximately 6,000 students from all three levels of BPA (Middle, Secondary, & Post-Secondary) will come together to test their skills and knowledge against other students. Nationals is the final culmination of a year spent working on studies, skills, & fund raising. We wish all the Jackson Minnesota West BPA members attending the conference to do well and bring home more awards.

Those attending the conference were (front from left): Terri Pelzel, BPA Chapter Advisor (Heron Lake); Pam Nosbusch, Chapter Secretary (Lakefield); Kris Hopper (Mt. Lake); Bridgett Thiessen (Darfur); & Deb Schwager, Chapter Parliamentarian, State President, & National Vice-President (Sherburn); Back: Christopher Cain, Chapter President & State Vice-President of Public Relations (Alpha); Scott Swenson (Jackson); Mike Schowalter (Windom), Chapter Vice-President; Joseph Heckard(Jackson); Jake Giese (Jackson); Steven  Brandel,(Darfur) ; Julie Jackson, Chapter Treasurer (Round Lake); Sam Olson (Fairmont); & Anthony Thiessen (Darfur); Anthony Von Ohlen (Jackson).

Advisor of the Year Award - BPA Minnesota Association College Division -  Terri Pelzel Instructor/Advisor Information Technology

Model Chapter Trophy - Jackson’s second consecutive year to receive this award.

The following is a list of BPA members placing in the top 10:

Deb Schwager-4th Financial Math & Analysis (open event)
Deb Schwager-3rd Insurance Concepts (open event)
Bridgett Thiessen-4th  Keyboarding Production
Deb Schwager-4th Administrative Support Concepts (open event)
Sam Olson-3rd Computer Technology
Anthony Thiessen-4th Computer Technology
Chris Cain-5th Computer Technology
Julie Jackson-6th Computer Technology
Sam Olson-5th Systems Administration using Cisco    
Sam Olson-7th Network Administration using Microsoft
Julie Jackson-6th PC Servicing & Troubleshooting
Anthony Thiessen-8th PC Servicing & Troubleshooting
Chris Cain-9th PC Servicing & Troubleshooting
Sam Olson-3rd Computer Security
Julie Jackson-6th Computer Security
Anthony Von Ohlen-7th Computer Security
Julie Jackson-2nd Network Design Team
Anthony Thiessen-2nd Network Design Team
Mike Schowalter-2nd Network Design Team
Sam Olson-2nd Network Design Team
Chris Cain-6th Information Technology Concepts (open event)
Sam Olson-7th Information Technology Concepts (open event)
Jake Giese-9th Information Technology Concepts (open event)
Mike Schowalter-10th Information Technology Concepts (open event)
Kris Hopper-7th   Interview Skills    
Deb Schwager-1st Advanced Interview Skills    
Pam Nosbusch-4th Advanced Interview Skills    
Bridgett Thiessen-2nd Prepared Speech    
Kris Hopper-7th Management/Marketing/Human Relations
Deb Schwager-6th Business Meeting Management (open event)
Pam Nosbusch-7th Keyboarding/Speed Performance   

Deb Schwager and Pam Nosbusch- Torch Award/Statesman  *To receive the statesman award students must earn a minimum of 50 points in the following categories:  Cooperation; Friendship; Knowledge; Leadership; Love, Hope, & Faith; Patriotism & Service.