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Cancellations & Alerts

Cancellations in Progress

 4/16/18  Pipestone & Luverne will be delayed until 10 a.m. due to poor weather   
 4/16/18 Kim Lehrke Classes canceled.  

Weather / Emergency Alerts

Weather and other emergency alerts are sent through the StarAlert system, which was recently updated (November 2014).  If you want to update your profile, please set up your account preferences at  Note that you will receive alerts for ALL of our campuses and centers as a default.  Log in and change which alerts you want to receive, if needed.

Go to the StarAlert site ( and click Sign Me Up. The two pieces of information you need are your student email and your starID (the system will ask for an identification code – this is your StarID). Follow the instructions to complete your profile, including setting up what campuses from which you want to get notifications. Note that you have automatically been signed up for ALL alerts from ALL locations.

Do NOT uncheck OUTREACH or you will not get any text messages or email. 

***If you are getting more messages than you want to receive, you can easily fix this by logging in and changing your subscriptions.

Other Helpful Information
  • A detailed user guide, including screen shots, is available: StarAlert Account Setup.

  • The College will continue to post closure and late start information to radio and television stations identified in Student Policy 4.4.

  • If you have any issues with your messaging/alert settings, please contact the Help Desk through AskJay.