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Child Development Students Dream

child development students dream10/5/13
Granite Falls Campus
Child Development Students dream of bettering the lives of young children.

From kindergarten teacher to children’s ministry, the Child Development students at Minnesota West's Granite Falls Campus have diverse and wide ranging goals and plans for what they are going to do with their Child Development degree when the graduate. 

The Child Development program prepares students for many different careers which all make a difference in the lives of young children. This year’s students have many different backgrounds, which bring a diverse range of experiences to the program, and enable sharing and learning to take place in the classroom because of it.

Students recently talked about their goals and the plans they have for making an impact on children. 

(Students listed are pictured from left)

Ashley Hawk: “As graduation approaches this year, I have thought about a variety of careers offered and am eager to work in a setting with school age children, in particular K – 2nd graders.”
Heather Fier: “I plan to work as a teacher in pre-school or Kindergarten. I love that age group and how they enjoy learning new things.”

Elsie Coyle: “My goal is to open a center for children with disabilities.”

Alyssa Engler: “I plan on opening up my own family child care center back in my hometown.”

Jamie Stucky: “I plan to be an early childhood special education teacher.”

Cheynne Schwint: “I want to work with children who are hard of hearing.  I want to help them sign to other people better.”

Jose Ibanez: “I plan to work in a Head Start setting.”

Amy Hempel: “I plan to be a pre-school teacher, and I have an interest in Child Psychology.”

Emily Ahrens: “I plan to become and elementary teacher back in my hometown.”

Brandy Haak: “I plan to open my own family daycare in my home in Cottonwood”

Erin Senger: “My goal is to work with a school to provide income based daycare for low income families and teen parents.”

Alexis Johnson: “I plan to work as a paraprofessional in an elementary special education setting.”

Anna Sturgeon: “I want to be a Head Start teacher when I complete my degree.”

Becca Fedde: “I plan to become the best preschool teacher that I can be.”

Kia Yang: “I plan to work at a childcare center.”

Channell Hawk: “I plan to work in a daycare setting with infant & toddler children, or open my own childcare center.”

Daniella Trauba: “I’ll be graduating in May of 2014 and plan to work in a childcare center as a toddler age teacher.”

Mikenna Soderstrom: “I plan to finish my Child Development degree and transfer to Crown College to earn my degree in Children’s Ministry.”

Kimberly Ramos: “My goal is to be a kindergarten teacher.”

Students in the Child Development program are able to earn a certificate, diploma, or an associate degree within the program. In addition to these degree options, the Child Development Associate of Science degree is articulated with Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, MN towards their Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education.