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Minnesota West Policies

Chapter 5 - Administration

5.18.2 Use of Tobacco Products

In compliance with Minnesota Freedom to Breathe Act and Minnesota State Board Policy 5.18, Minnesota West Community & Technical College prohibits the use of tobacco products in all college buildings (owned or leased), campus housing, on campus grounds and athletic facilities and in college owned vehicles. Tobacco use is, however, permitted in personal vehicles on campus grounds.

Any person who uses tobacco of any kind, including e-cigarettes and dissolvable tobacco products in any manner in any area where tobacco is prohibited will be subject to the college’s Code of Conduct procedures.

Traditional Native American ceremonies: With prior approval, College policy allows smoking by a Native American as part of a traditional Native American spiritual or cultural ceremony. For purposes of this section, a Native American is a person who is a member of an Indian tribe as defined in Section 260.755, Subdivision 12.


Approved by:  Richard Shrubb, President

May 6, 2011
History & Revisions:  Orignated 7/1/2003
Revision:  July 26, 2017 Minnesota State