Minnesota West Policies

Chapter 4 - Human Resources

4.5 Student Employees

Part 1. Definitions

Work study: A type of financial aid which is primarily need-based and for which a student must be employed in a position identified for this purpose. The financial aid funds for these positions are provided by either or both federal and state financial aid programs. Work study employment must conform to the applicable federal and/or state work study program regulations which address source of funds for the positions, placement on payroll and other terms and conditions of employment.

Student help:
A category of employment at a college, university, or the system office, for students enrolled in any MnSCU institution. The hiring college, university, or system office sets criteria for employment such as credit load, wages, and maximum hours. The hiring entity will also determine whether selection of a student will be determined on student need. Positions may be funded by any appropriate source of campus funds, and are processed through the campus student payroll system. Student eligibility is verified each enrollment term. This would include positions such as peer tutors.

Part 2. Wage Rates
The president of the college is granted authority to establish wage rates for work-study students, student help, and graduate assistants at or above the minimum wage rate required by law. The president,  shall consult with the campus student association and may consult with other student groups as appropriate prior to changing wage rates.

Approved by: Richard Shrubb
Date: July 1, 2003
History & Revision: September 2012