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Minnesota West Policies

Chapter 5 - Administration

5.12 Refunds for Dropped Courses and Withdrawals
Procedure 5.12.2

When the College determines that a student is a no-show in all of their classes, a letter will be generated by the campus registration contact and mailed to the student along with the College petition form and a fee statement for the term in question.

The letter will explain to the student that their failure to show/attend their classes has been indicated and that they are still obligated for the tuition and fees.  Their transcripts will indicate a grade of FN (failure, never attended) and no financial aid will be awarded.  Refunds for tuition and fees are only processed based on policy 5.12 for those students who officially drop all courses within the time frames indicated.

If the student feels that they have extenuating circumstances that prevented them from dropping their courses in a timely manner and would like reconsideration of their obligation to the College, they can fill out and submit the petition form within 30 days of notification.  Failure to do so will indicate to the College that the student understands their financial obligation to the College.  Collection of the bill will proceed according to the College accounts receivable policy.

If the student returns the petition form, the petition will be routed to the campus manager/Administrator.  The campus manager/Administrator will consult with the following individuals:  campus registration contact, campus financial aid contact, campus dean and the college business office.  After consultation the campus manager/Administrator will recommend to the College Provost the approval or denial of the petition based on the presence of extenuating circumstances.  If approved, a waiver will be processed noting significant personal circumstances.  The student will be notified of the decision by the College Provost.


Revised March 16, 2012