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Minnesota West Policies

Chapter 4 - Human Resources

4.20.2 Employee Uniform Guideline

To establish a guideline for the purchase and use of employee uniforms.

Minnesota West Community & Technical College shall provide each facilities employee with an adequate number of approved uniforms each calendar year. Approved uniforms shall be worn during all normal work shifts unless the supervisor approves an alternative prior to an event. Supervisors are responsible to ensure facilities staff are in proper uniform and meet minimum general standards of personal appearance. Facilities staff are responsible for the upkeep and routine maintenance of their uniforms, and are responsible for their personal appearance while on duty at Minnesota West Community and Technical College.

Uniforms provided by Minnesota West Community and Technical College shall not be worn outside the work environment or for any activity not authorized in advance by the college.

Failure to wear proper uniforms or violation of the provisions stated above may lead to disciplinary actions as allowed in the collective bargaining agreement.

Minnesota West Community and Technical College shall arrange for the purchase of an appropriate number of approved uniforms based on the staff needs of each campus. The approved uniform purchase shall be for two pairs of slacks and two shirts for each staff member on duty as of August 1 and February 1 of each year.  (Total of four complete uniform sets per year).

The supervisor shall gather information pertaining to sizes for each covered employee on his/her campus and shall arrange for the purchase of the appropriate number of uniforms from the approved vendor.

New hires that fall between the normal uniform purchase dates shall be provided with uniforms within 30 days of their employment date.

Employees who wish to purchase additional uniforms may do so through arrangement with his/her supervisor and can take advantage of the contracted rate from the vendor.

Uniforms damaged through normal job related activity will be replaced by Minnesota West. Uniforms damaged through negligent or misuse by the employee will be replaced at the employee's expense.

Approved by: Ron Wood, President
Date: July 1, 2003
History & Revision: December 17, 2013 wording update.
Approved by:  Richard Shrubb, President