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Wind Energy Technology, A.A.S.


Locations:  Canby.

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The Wind Energy Technology program combines lecture and hands-on training to provide skills necessary in completing advanced technical troubleshooting and repairs on wind energy turbines.  Under minimal supervision, graduates will be able to carry out complex daily assembly, service, repair, and operations of infrastructure to wind turbine generators and related equipment. Exposure to concepts of basic digital circuits, motor controllers, programmable logic controllers, and computerized data collection, interpretation, storage, and retrieval is evident throughout the program.

Wind Energy Technicians must operate in compliance with company, State, and Federal OSHA requirements and be capable of climbing to 300 feet. They work closely with clients and must have an understanding of environmental issues and politics, written technical skills, and data interpretation.

  Fall - Year 1  
ELCO 1110
ELWT 1100
Wind Energy Fundamentals 3
ELWT 1150
Wind Turbines 2
ELWT 1160
Wind Energy OSHA Standards 1
ELWT 1170
Environmental Health & Safety Wind Energy & Climb Lab 2
ELWT 1250
Fundamentals of Electric Motors 2
FLPW 1103
Basic Hydraulics (Lecture) 3
FLPW 1104
Basic Hydraulics Lab 1
  Credits Fall - Year 1 17
  Spring - Year 1  
ELCO 1120
ELEC 1235
Applied Electrical Calculations 2
ELWT 1110
Mechanical Systems 3
Introduction to Microcomputers 3
  General Electives 3
  Credits Spring - Year 1 14
Fall - Year 2  
Electric Motor Control I 4
ELWT 2110 Turbine Siting & Construction 3
  General Education Electives 8
  Credits Fall - Year 2 15
Spring - Year 2  
Programmable Logic Controllers 4
Wind Generation/Transmission/ Distribution 3
Data Acquisition and Communication 2
 EMS 1112 AHA, CPR Healthcare Provider 1
  General Education Electives 4
  Credits Spring - Year 2 14

General Education Electives must include courses from Goal Area 1 - Communication and Goal Area 4 - Mathematics and one other Goal Areaof the Minnesota Transfer curriculum.

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