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Emergency Medical Services, Certificate


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An instructional program that prepares individuals to perform initial medical diagnosis, treatment, and comprehensive care in medical crises, under the general supervision of a coordinating physician. Includes instruction in all aspects of basic health care; disease, disorder, and injury symptomatology and diagnosis; emergency medical treatment procedures for various injuries and disease outbreaks; basic pharmacology; anesthetics; intravenous and other drug administration procedures; obstetrics procedures; basic surgical techniques; emergency medical equipment operation and maintenance; special care of patients exposed to heat, cold, radiation, or contagious disease; and administrative aspects of emergency medicine. Programs may include emergency vehicle operation and patient transportation procedures, depending on level of training.

Introduction to EMT Basic 2.5
EMT Basic Completion Course 4.5
Medical Terminology 2
Anatomy & Physiology/Disease Conditions I 2
  Electives - Choose 5 credits from the following: 5
Anatomy & Physiology/Disease Conditions II 2
Medical Office Procedures 3
Medical Office Procedures II 3
College Keyboarding 3


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