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(Computer) Information Security Management, Certificate


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Students in the Information Security Management Certificate learn to assess the need for security; examine ethical, legal and professional security issues; assess and control risks; design secure networks; examine disaster recovery plans; educate personnel; and maintain a security program. In addition, the students learn about the theory of authentication, encryption, attacks and malicious code; and the components of a secure network, including web servers and remote access. This certificate is designed for the person responsible for the security direction of the organization, including managers, accounting personnel, administrative assistants, and computer technical support personnel. This certificate is offered in an online format and can be completed in two semesters.

CSCI 1102
Introduction to Microcomputers 3
CST 1190
Introduction to Networking OR 3
CST 1195
Information Security Network Basics 2
CST 1200
Introduction to Information Security 3
CST 1220
Information Security Management 3
  CST Electives 3

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