Academic Programs

Alphabetical Program Listing


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Accountant, A.A.S.
Accountant, Diploma
Accountant Clerk, Diploma
Accounting, Certificate
Administrative Assistant, A.A.S.
Administrative Assistant, Diploma
Advanced Farm Business Management, Certificate
Agriculture, A.S.
Agriculture Business, A.S.
Agriculture Business Management, A.A.S.
Agriculture Business Marketing, A.A.S.
Agriculture Production, A.A.S.
Agriculture Production, Diploma 
Agriculture Production Management, A.S.
Applications in Farm Business Management, Certificate
Art, A.A.
Automotive Advanced Engine Performance & Electrical, Certificate
Automotive Drivetrain Systems, Certificate
Automotive Engine Repair & Electrical, Certificate
Automotive Technician, Diploma
Automotive Technology, A.A.S.



Biofuels Technology, A.A.S.
Biofuels Technology Biodiesel, Certificate
Biofuels Technology Ethanol, Certificate
Biology - Fish - Wildlife, A.A.
Business Administration, A.A.
Business Education, A.A.
Business Management, A.A.S.
Business Management, A.S.
Business Management Computer Emphasis, A.S.
Business - Pre-Business Preparation, A.A.



Carpentry, A.A.S.
Carpentry, Diploma
Chemistry, A.A.
Child Development, A.S.
Child Development, Certificate
Child Development, Diploma
Chiropractic, A.A.
Computer and Information Technology, A.A.S.
Computer Applied Technology, A.S.
(Computer) Applications Specialist, Certificate
(Computer) CISCO Networking, Certificate
(Computer) Desktop Support Specialist, Certificate
Computer Engineering Technology, A.A.S.
Computer Engineering Technology, Diploma
Computer Information Science, A.A.
(Computer) Information Security Administration, Certificate
(Computer) Information Security and Assurance, A.A.S.
(Computer) Information Security Management, Certificate
(Computer) IT Workplace Assistant, Certificate
(Computer) IT Workplace Specialist, Certificate
(Computer) Management Information Systems, A.A.
Computer Networking Specialist, A.A.S.
Computer Networking Specialist, A.S.
Computer Networking Specialist, Diploma
(Computer) Programmer Specialist, Certificate
Computer Science, A.A. 2+2 SMSU
Computer Science, A.S.
Computer Specialist, A.A.S.
Computer Specialist, Certificate
Computer Support - Computer Maintenance & Repair, Certificate
Computer Support Technician, A.A.S.
Computer Support Technician, Diploma
(Computer) Technology Workplace Ready, Certificate
(Computer) Telecommunications, A.A.S.
(Computer) Telecommunications, Certificate
(Computer) Web Development, A.S.
(Computer) Webpage Design Assistant, Certificate
Computerizing Small Business Management, Diploma
Cosmetology, Diploma
Cosmetology - Other States, Diploma
Cosmetology Esthetician, Certificate
Cosmetology Manicurist, Certificate



Dental Assistant, A.A.S.
Dental Assistant, Diploma
Dental - Pre-Dental Hygiene, A.A.
Dentistry - Pre-Dental Science, A.S.
Diesel - Advanced Diesel, Certificate
Diesel - Basic Diesel, Certificate
Diesel Mechanics (Ag & Truck),First Year Diploma

Diesel Technician (Ag & Truck), Second Year Diploma
Diesel Powertrain and Hydraulics, Certificate
Diesel Technology, A.A.S.



Economics, A.A.
Education, Elementary or Special, A.A.
Education, Secondary, A.A.
Education Paraprofessional, Certificate
Electric Utility Substation Technology, A.A.S.
Electric Utility Substation Technician, Diploma
Electrician, A.A.S.
Electrician, Diploma
Emergency Medical Services, Certificate
Emergency Medical Technician, Certificate
Energy Technical Specialist, A.A.S.
Engineering, A.S.
Environmental Sciences, A.A.
Essentials of Farm Business Management, Certificate



Farm Business Management, Diploma
Fluid Power Technology, A.A.S.
Fluid Power Technology, Diploma
Food Science, A.S.
Forestry/Natural Resources, A.S.



Health, A.A.
Health Information Technology, A.A.S.
Healthcare Supervision and Leadership, Certificate
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technology, A.A.S.
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technician, Diploma
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technology, Certificate
Home Economics (Human Ecology), A.A.
Human Services, A.S. (Child Development Track)
Human Services, A.S. (Generalist Track)



Individualized Studies, AS
Industrial Technology, Certificate
Industrial Technology, Diploma
Industrial Technology, A.A.S.


Lamb and Wool Management, Diploma
Law - Pre-Law, A.A.
Law Enforcement, A.A.S.
Law Enforcement, A.S.

Law Enforcement Corrections, A.A.
Law Enforcement Skills, Certificate
Liberal Arts, A.A.



Machine Tool, Certificate
Massage Therapy, Diploma
Management, Certificate
Management and Supervision in Healthcare, A.S.
Mathematics, A.A.
Medical Administrative Secretary, A.A.S.
Medical Assistant, A.A.S.
Medical Assistant, Diploma
Medical Coding Specialist, Diploma
Medical Laboratory Technician, A.A.S.
Medical Secretary, Diploma



Nursing - Practical Nursing, Diploma
Nursing, A.S.
Nursing Assistant



Occupational Therapy, A.A.
Optometry - Pre-Optometry, A.S.



Pharmacy - Pre-Pharmacy, A.S.
Phlebotomy, Certificate
Physical Education, A.A.
Plant Science GIS/GPS, A.S.
Plumbing, Diploma
Plumbing Technician, Diploma
Plumbing Technology, A.A.S.
Powerline, Diploma
Powerline Technician, Diploma
Powerline Technology, A.A.S.
Power Sports Technology, Diploma
Precision Agriculture Application Technician, Certificate
Psychology, A.A.



Radiologic Technology, A.A.S.
Receptionist, Certificate
Recreation/Parks Administration, A.A.



Small Business Management, Diploma
Sociology, A.A.
Solar Photovoltaic Technician, Certificate
Supervisory Leadership in Management, Certificate
Surgical Technology, Diploma



Welding, Certificate
Wind Energy Mechanic, Diploma
Wind Energy Technology, A.A.S.
Windsmith, Certificate