Minnesota West Policies

Chapter 3 - Educational

3.18 Course Test-Out

Procedure 3.18.1 Course Test-Out

Students who can demonstrate competence in specific disciplines may earn college credit by testing out of college courses with Minnesota West Community and Technical College. Students must initiate the Course Test-Out process by working with appropriate instructors and then completing a Course Test-Out Award Recommendation Form. Students should check with an Advisor instructors and campus registrars to see if Course Test-Outs are available. Course Test-Out is not an option for all courses.

  1. A fee of $40 per lecture credit and $65 per lab credit payable to Minnesota West Community & Technical College is required prior to completing a Course Test- Out exam. This fee is nonrefundable even if examinees do not pass exams and do not receive credit for the course.
  2. Course Test-Outs must be completed at least ten days prior to the start of the semester or after the fifth day of the semester; however, the President or designee has the authority to allow a faculty member to grant a Course Test-Out at any time if circumstances warrant.
  3. Testing out is not an option for students who desire to earn credit for courses previously attempted. Course Test-Outs cannot be used to improve grades for courses previously completed.
  4. Students who fail a Course Test-Out exam must complete the course to fulfill graduation requirements. Failing Course Test-Out grades will not be recorded on transcripts.
  5. Course Test-Out exams are instructor-generated to reflect the objectives of the course. Only grades of "C" or higher will be recorded as credit (CR).
  6. Credits earned by the Course Test-Out option are not computed in a student's GPA, nor will they count towards the enrollment figures of the college. Financial Aid is not available for Course Test-Out credits.
  7. Course Test-Out credits will be recorded on a transcript once the student has registered for classes at Minnesota West.

Revised date: April 4, 2014