Minnesota West Policies

Chapter 6 - Facilities

6.20.7 Small Quantity Generator


Minnesota Hazardous Waste rules require that "anyone who produces or manages a waste must evaluate that waste" to determine whether the waste is hazardous or non-hazardous. A person (or company) is a small quantity generator (SQG) if it produces more than 220 pounds, but less than 2200 pounds per month of Hazardous Waste.



Minnesota West, through the office of the Director of Facilities shall maintain licensure with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and complete all requirements as described in the Minnesota Hazardous waste Rules for Small Quantity Generators.


The Campus Safety Committee, working with the Building Services Supervisor, department directors and program instructors will maintain compliance with the requirements of the Minnesota Hazardous waste Rules.


Efforts will also be directed at eliminating processes that generate hazardous wastes in excess of 220 pounds per month.

Approved by: Ron Wood, President
Date: July 1, 2003
History & Revision: