Minnesota West Policies

Chapter 6 - Facilities

6.20.2 Parking Lot Preventative Maintenance


To establish a comprehensive plan for the installation, renovation and maintenance of asphalt paved parking lots at Minnesota West campuses.



The Director of Facilities and Facilities staff from each campus shall conduct an annual survey of the condition of each paved parking lot area to determine what work needs to be budgeted and completed in the next summer season.  A schedule shall be developed for each parking lot so that expenditures can e planned in advance of need and the useful life of the pavement can be extended to the industry standard.



Each campus shall maintain a parking lot site plan which shall include information on size of each lot, history of the parking lot and indications of problem areas such as drainage, petroleum damage, alligatored cracking, soft spots and pot holes.


Each spring, parking lots will be swept and cleaned of all dirt and debris that can cause surface damage and interfere with drainage. Parking lots that show wear should be scheduled for crack filling and seal coating. Following this procedure it will be necessary to reapply painted stripes and symbols.


As needed, each parking lot area must be continuously monitored for damaged area (pot holes). Identified problem areas shall be scheduled for patching with hot mix or cold mix asphalt depending on the time of year and availability of hot mix. Potholes shall be repaired as soon as possible to minimize further damage to parking lot surfaces.


When crack filling, pothole repairs and seal coats can no longer provide sound driving surfaces, the parking lot will be scheduled to have the surface milled and an asphalt overlay of hot mix will be applied to the entire lot surface. As needed, an engineer may be required to design specifications for this work. Especially if it involves changes to drainage, curbs and storm drains. Included in the cost of an overlay project must be the cost of applying painted stripes and symbols.


Whenever possible, work on parking lots will be scheduled for completion prior to the start of fall semester to minimize inconvenience to students, staff and visitors.

Approved by: Ron Wood, President
Date: July 1, 2003
History & Revision: Procedures updated January 21, 2011
Approved by:  Richard Shrubb, President