Minnesota West Policies

Chapter 6 - Facilities

6.20.11 Fire Pump Testing Program


National Fire Protection Association (NFPS) 25, "Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems", requires weekly testing of fire pumps. However, the current insurer for MnSCU property and that of the State of Minnesota has agreed that MnSCU facilities may follow Minnesota Uniform Fire Code (MUFC) 98 Section 1001.5.2 which requires only monthly no-flow testing of fire pumps.



Fire pump testing will be conducted at least monthly by a qualified individual (Plant Maintenance Engineer). This individual will determine if the fire pump is operating properly. Any deficiencies identified will be documented and corrective actions instituted immediately. Tests will be documented and the records kept for review. Records may be kept at the pump or in another location that is convenient and where they may be periodically reviewed. In addition to testing, regular maintenance must be performed on fire pumps to ensure they are maintained in an excellent working condition.


Automatic fire extinguishing systems shall be inspected at least annually (UFC Article 10, Sec. 1001.5.2). Minnesota State Amendments to the UFC states that the inspector must be licensed as a fire protection contractor to inspect sprinkler systems, which includes testing (MSA 299M.03).



There are several excellent resources available to assist in tracking maintenance of fire pumps, reviewing testing procedures, and explaining inspection requirements. NFPA 25, however, is widely recognized as the standard for testing, inspection and maintenance of water based fire protection systems.


Each college/university should have a copy of NFPA standards available to them. They can be obtained from the NFPA website: nfpa.org/catalog/products, or from the Fire Instructors Association of Minnesota (Tom Pressler 952.897.1008). Copies may also be available through your local bookstore.

Approved by: Ron Wood, President
Date: July 1, 2003
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