Minnesota West Policies

Chapter 6 - Facilities

6.20.10 Equipment


To establish a policy of ownership and procedure for purchase of equipment to be used by the Building Services personnel on each campus.



The Director of Facilities shall have the authority to assign, re-assign, purchase and dispose of all equipment used by Building Services personnel on the campuses and instruction sites that comprise Minnesota West.



The Director of Facilities, working with the Building Services Supervisors at each campus, will determine what equipment is necessary to facilitate the completion of duties by the Building Services personnel. Having the right tool to do the job is just as important as having the right personnel.


Each campus shall conduct an inventory of their existing equipment. This inventory will be used to track the equipment, the preventive and repair maintenance performed on it, and help determine at what point it should be replaced.


Each April, the Building Services Supervisors shall determine what the campus equipment need will be for the following 12 months. This list shall be used to develop a budget request amount.


Equipment not being utilized by a campus shall be offered to other campuses before being placed on the Minnesota West surplus property list. All items on the surplus property list will be disposed of in accordance with MnSCU procedure 5.0.2, which governs the process for disposal of surplus properties.


The Director of Facilities, with assistance from the Building Services Supervisors shall develop equipment specifications for all replacement equipment to be purchased. These specifications shall be distributed to approved equipment vendors along with a request for bids. When bids are received, the Director of Facilities and the Building Services Supervisors shall determine which vendor offers the best price and service. The campus Building Services Supervisor shall refer all vendor representative inquiries to the office of the Director of Facilities.


Small tool and minor equipment purchases of $200.00 or less shall be at the discretion of the Building Services Supervisor, and paid for through the plant operations budget.


Maintenance and repair of equipment assigned to the campus shall be the responsibility of the campus through the plant operations budget.


Some current and future equipment may be determined to be shared on an as needed basis between the campuses. The Building Services Supervisors shall request this equipment and schedule its use in advance. The campus shall be responsible for all repairs and supplies required as a result of this use or misuse. Cost shall be borne by the plant operations budget.

Aproved by: Ron Wood, President
Date: July 1, 2003
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