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Copyright & Intellectual Property

Copyright is a protection that covers published and unpublished literary, scientific and artistic works, whatever the form of expression, provided such works are fixed in a tangible or material form.

Intellectual property is any property that can be protected under federal law, including copyrightable works, ideas, discoveries, and inventions.

Copyright Basic Definitions

This site covers the basic definitions regarding copyrights. It has been written using the Berne Union for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Property (Berne Convention) as the main bibliographical source.

Intellectual Property & Copyright Primer
The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System's website for information on Intellectual Property and the Reproduction and Use of Copyrighted Materials.

MnSCU Policy 3.26: Intellectual Property
This policy clarifies the ownership of intellectual property rights between faculty, students, staff and the institutions that comprise the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.

Minnesota West Copyright Statement
Sample copyright statements for Minnesota West created works.

Questions?  Need help with Copyright and Intellectual Property?
Contact the college Intellectual Property Coordinator.