Industry Centers

Center of Agriculture

Minnesota West Community & Technical College and South Central College are the lead institutions charged to bring together a collaboration of Minnesota Colleges and Universities institutions, and other regional land grant universities, school districts, business, industry, government, professional associations and community partners in a new state-wide initiative.

This initiative is in response to the workforce needs of Minnesota employers. During the past year, 50 workforce sessions were completed in nine industries.

The Center will seek to coordinate and engage in:

  • Innovation.

  • Program development and research.

  • Professional preparation and development of agriculturalists and agriculture educators.

  • Domestic and international entrepreneurial and marketing opportunities.

  • Partnership development of those who have interest in the econcomic development opportunities within agriculture and related industries.

  • Resource development.


Links to
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Farm Business Management
Minnesota Southwest Region Fact Sheet


For more information, contact:
Brad Schloesser, Dean of Southern Minnesota Center of Agriculture
Jackson Campus