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acc photoComputers are part of almost every aspect of our lives - at work, at home and for leisure. Because our society and most businesses depend on computers, most rewarding careers, both financially and intellectually, require an understanding of computers and computing. 

Minnesota West Computer Science (CSCI) Department offers two main tracks: a transfer track and an applications track.

The transfer track is a 2+2 articulated set of prescribed courses to assure a smooth transition into baccalaureate degree at the four-year university. As always with transfer, talk with an advisor or transfer specialist if you are interested in earning an Associate Degree while studying Computer Science and preparing to transfer to a four-year institution.

The applications track provides emphasis in computer training 
within specialized career options. Computer Science is a field
branching into career options such as; applications specialist,                             
data entry, IT workplace, programmer, software developer,
desktop support and webpage design. With the proliferation of                              
digital awareness and high-tech gadgetry, computer careers
are more interesting and varied that ever before.


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Minnesota West Computer Science (CSCI) Department offers a variety of stand-alone certificates and degrees. The CSCI two-year programs offer mixes of creativity, technology, programming, mathematics and logic as well as peer interaction to prepare you for computer-related educational goals.

The CSCI Certificates intend to mirror the core of courses within the related CSCI two-year programs.  A student who enrolls in a certificate:

  • Initiates a jump start within the selected CSCI core of study.

  • Ensures lateral transition between CSCI certificates.

  • Secures stackable emphasis of CSCI study perhaps in conjunction with other degrees.

  • Realizes seamless transition into CSCI two-year programs.



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