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We will accept applications for the 2016-2017 nursing programs from June 15, 2015 through February 15, 2016. Applications, transcripts, and/or supporting documents received after February 15, 2016 will not be considered for the fall 2016 start date.

You can begin general education courses any semester on a part-time or full-time basis. You must begin nursing courses in the fall semester on a full-time basis to complete the diploma or associate in science degree program in one year.

Practical Nursing (PN), Diploma


At the time of application, you must have completed or be in the process of completing all of the nursing program prerequisites. Prospective, transfer, current and returning students to Minnesota West should contact the campus Student Services Office for help with course advising regarding the nursing program.

  1. Completion of a federally approved NA/HHA (Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide) course of 75 hours or more in length after 1990. Completion of required prerequisite courses.
    1. If a NA/HHA course has been taken within the past 3 years, the student is not required to be on the MN NA Registry.
    2. If a NA/HHA course is greater than 3 years old, the student must be on the MN NA Registry.
    3. A test out is available for those students that have taken a course after 1990 and need to obtain certification on the MN NA Registry.
    4. (Clarification:  If a student is just taking the NA course to meet the NA requirement for the nursing program, he/she does not need to test out at the end. However, the student will not be certified as a NA/HHA and will not be able to work in this role without the test out.)

Associate of Science (A.S.) to become a registered nurse (RN)

Admission Requirements

For Minnesota West Practical Nursing students applying to progress to A.S. Nursing Program:

  1. Completion of required prerequisite courses.
  2. Licensed as an LPN by August 1.
  3. Practical Nursing program minimum GPA of 2.75 (including clinical courses).
  4. Cumulative prerequisite GPA of 3.0 in BIOL 2201 (Anatomy), BIOL 2202 (Physiology), ENGL 1101 (Composition I), and PSYC 1150 (Developmental Psychology).
  5. No grade lower than a C is accepted in any course required for the A.S. nursing program (including prerequisites).

For licensed LPN’s applying to enter the A.S. Nursing Program:

  1. Licensed as an LPN by August 1.
  2. Practical Nursing program minimum GPA of 2.75 (including clinical courses).
  3. Cumulative prerequisite GPA of 3.0 in BIOL 2201 (Anatomy), BIOL 2202 (Physiology), ENGL 1101 (Composition I), and PSYC 1150 (Developmental Psychology).
  4. No grade lower than a C is accepted in any course required for the A.S. nursing program (including prerequisites).
  5. Minimum decision score of 80 on the National League for Nursing (NLN) NACE I Foundations entrance exam. Applicants may only take entrance exam twice in an application period, one month apart. Entrance exam scores are valid for a two year period of time.


Program Costs

Tuition and fees are posted on our website and are subject to change. Additional costs include:

  1. $12.50 per credit for fully online courses.
  2. Supplies, books, uniforms, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses.
  3. Licensure preparation testing (Kaplan) at end of program (included in tuition).
  4. Nursing Pin upon graduation.


Application Process for PN and A.S. Programs

Applicants to both programs must complete steps 1-3. Then applicants must complete instructions that follow for specific program (PN or A.S.).

  1. Complete the online Minnesota West Application for Admission, including the required non-refundable one time application fee.
  2. Submit official high school and college transcripts directly to the Nursing Department at the campus of application.  Some general courses required for nursing programs have a time limit of 5 years (i.e. Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Medical Terminology, and Developmental Psychology).  The Registrar will evaluate transcripts for course currency upon admission to the program.
  3. Complete assessment testing.  Minnesota West has mandatory placement in courses based on the Accuplacer. The Accuplacer consists of tests in reading, English and math. You are required to take the assessment test unless deemed eligible for a waiver after showing a copy of your transcripts to a counselor or advisor. Test information and sample questions are available for your review purposes.

PN Program - Additional Instructions

  1. Complete the Practical Nursing (PN) Application Packet, which includes a separate application to the Nursing Program and an application to schedule a date for the required nursing aptitude testing.  (Viewing the packet requires Acrobat Reader - free download.)
  2. PN applicants must take the PSB Nursing Aptitude test which assesses general mental ability (includes verbal, math, and non-verbal), spelling, natural science, judgment, and personal adjustments. We look very closely at the math and science indicators. If you score below the 70th percentile, we will recommend courses that will help insure your future success. Sample questions are available. The registration form is included in the Application Packet. Testing must be completed prior to February 15.

A.S. Program - Additional Instructions

  1. Complete the Registered Nursing (RN) Application Packet, which includes a separate application to the Nursing Program and an application to schedule a date for the required nursing aptitude testing.  (Viewing the packet requires Acrobat Reader - free download.)
  2. A.S. applicants must take the NLN NACE I Foundation of Nursing Exam. You are responsible for the $75 test fee. The registration form is included in the Application Packet. Testing must be completed prior to February 15.


Acceptance/Selection Process to the Nursing Program

Admission to the Nursing Program is competitive. Applicants who have met the minimum admission requirements by February 15will be reviewed for fall admission to the program.

Admission to the nursing program is determined by a screening committee and based on the following criteria:

  • Nursing test scores (PSB test for Practical Nursing Program and NLN test for Associate Degree Nursing Program).
  • College GPA.
  • Coursework related to the degree requirements for the nursing program. Minnesota West will evaluate the college transcripts and post transfer credits to your Minnesota West transcript in accordance with MnSCU policy 3.21.

Applicants who do not meet the minimum admission requirements or fail to complete the nursing program admission process by the February 15 deadline will be denied admission to the nursing program. Minnesota West will notify all applicants in writing of their admission status in the nursing program within six weeks of the application deadline.

Please do not call to check on your admission status before April 1.


Requirements after Acceptance to the Nursing Programs (both PN and A.S. programs)

  1. Completion of all prerequisite coursework and courses within the nursing program with a grade of C or higher. C minus (-) grades are not accepted.
  2. Current personal health insurance is strongly recommended. Students are responsible for incurred medical costs during the nursing program.
  3. Verified Credentials database
    registration is required for all nursing students. Students are required to upload clinical documents to Verified Credentials by Aug. 1 where your health record will be stored while you are in the nursing program. Students are responsible for registering and paying the Verified Credentials fee. Documents that must be uploaded to the Verified Credentials Database include:Minnesota West Nursing Health History and Physical form.
    1. Written documentation from a health care provider or agency of immunizations/vaccinations/tests which include the following:
        - Hepatitis B series – documentation of three (3) vaccinations or evidence of a positive Hepatitis B titer.  
        - MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) – documentation of two vaccinations or documentation of a positive MMR titer. 
        - Tdap ( Tetanus, Diptheria and acellular Pertusis) – within the last ten (10) years. 
        - Varicella (Chicken Pox) – two vaccinations or documentation of a positive varicella titer. 
        - 2 step- Tuberculosis Skin Test or evidence of recent chest X-ray (within one year).
  4. Current CPR Certification from one of the following: 
      - American Heart Association (AHA) BLS for the Healthcare Provider  OR 
      - American Red Cross CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers and Health Care Providers. 
      - Certification must include ‘hands-on’ demonstration of CPR skills for all age groups and include AED training.  
      - Online CPR renewals will not be accepted.
  5. Background Checks: Nursing students are required to complete two (2) background checks at beginning of nursing program. Clinical facilities may also require their own background check – in addition to the following background checks: - MN Department of Human Services (DHS) background check pursuant to MN Statute 245C requires that students who have contact with individuals in licensed health care institutions complete an annual background study with the MN Department of Health and Human Services. - Criminal Background Check: students will complete a criminal background check through Verified Credentials database, in addition to the MN Department of Human Services background check. If discrepancies occur on background checks, the student will be contacted by the nursing program director. Disqualifying offenses may be found at: . Criminal background discrepancies may be reviewed by clinical facilities. Clinical facilities have the final decision on if students with a discrepancy may attend clinical experiences at their location.
  6. For A.S nursing program only: Students must have an active and unencumbered LPN license throughout the entire AS nursing program.
  7. Students are responsible for cost of nursing clinical experiences, health examinations, malpractice insurance, CPR certification, Verified Credentials registration fee, etc.
  8. Kaplan Integrated Examinations are required periodically in the program as well as a national standardized, end-of-program Kaplan Predictor exam near the completion of your final semester to assist in preparation for the licensure exam after graduation. The cost of this preparation tool and examinations by Kaplan are included in your tuition.
  9. Kaplan Integrated review Course: Students must complete either a land-based Kaplan review courses or an online webinar after graduation and prior to receiving authorization to test for the NCLEX-RN exam.Note: Records with any personal medical information are considered confidential documents and are secured in the student Verified Credential database.


Minnesota West Community & Technical College Associate in Science Nursing Program is accredited by:

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Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing 

3343 Peachtree Road NE. Suite 850

Atlanta, GA 30326


Continued accreditation granted through
Spring of 2023.









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