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Fine Arts: Art

Minnesota West offers students a chance to pursue their interests in art. Student art shows, guest exhibitions, and other special events take place each semester creating an excellent environment for exploring creativity.

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Photo Galleries


beginning painting               intermediate painting               beginning drawing                   

Beginning Painting      Intermediate Painting           Beginning Drawing      


intermediate drawing                current student exhibition

Intermediate Drawing               Current Student



The Worthington Campus features:

  • A large multi-purpose art studio

  • Ceramics studio

  • A Lobby/gallery for showcasing works


Course Offerings

See Class Schedule for current offerings.

Art Appreciation (ART 1120, 3 credits)
Art History I & II (ART 2240, 3 credits; ART 2245, 3 credits)
Arts and Crafts (ART 1118, 3 credits)
Beginning & Intermediate Ceramics (ART 1124, 3 credits; ART 2224, 3 credits)
Beginning & Intermediate Drawing (ART 1101, 3 credits; ART 2201, 3 credits)
Beginning & Intermediate Painting (ART 1115, 3 credits; ART 2215, 3 credits)
Display and Exhibition (ART 1103, 1 credit)
Watercolor (ART 1114, 3 credits)
Advanced Computer Graphics  (ART 2232, 3 credits)
Computer Graphics (ART 2230, 3 credits)
Special Topics (ART 2235, 3 credits)