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International Student Application

If you are an international student (non-immigrant, non-refugee, a resident of another country holding a valid student visa), you must apply to Minnesota West using these instructions for the International Admissions application.

The following items are required for you to be considered for admission and must be submitted to the college three months before you plan to arrive:

  1. International Student Application for Admission or you may complete the online application.

  2. Certification of Financial Responsibility. You must come fully prepared to meet all financial obligations for the entire course of study as a student including tuition, fees, books, medical insurance and all other personal expenses in the United States. The CFR must be completed with supporting documentation attached. It is estimated that you will need $12,000 per year for tuition and living expenses. Minnesota West does not provide financial aid for International students.

  3. A $20 (U.S. dollars) non-refundable application fee.

  4. Proof of English Proficiency.
    If your native language is not English, you must present proof of English proficiency in the form of test scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). A minimum score of 500 on the paper based test, 173 on the computer-based test or 61 on the Internet based test is required for acceptance. The TOEFL may be secured from the American Consulate in your country or it may be taken by applying directly to:

    Educational Testing Service
    Rosedale Road
    Princeton, NJ 08541 USA

  5. Academic Records.
    Official transcripts of your entire academic record in secondary school and college, including grades received each year of study, degree certificates, and examination certificates. Photocopies are not acceptable. Transcripts must be translated in English, and a certified copy of the translation must be attached.

  6. Health Insurance Requirements.
    All international students are required to purchase the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities international student accident and illness insurance plan, unless they can provide written verification that their government or sponsoring agency accepts full responsibility for any medical claims that might occur.

  7. Before you are admitted, you must submit the required immunization form. All students born after 1956 are required by Minnesota Law to provide proof that they have been vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus, measles, mumps, and rubella.

Submit all application materials and correspondence to:
Minnesota West Community & Technical College
International Student Office
1450 Collegeway
Worthington, MN 56187

Admissions Confirmation

Minnesota West will review all documents upon their receipt. If you are accepted, you will be sent a letter of confirmation with the I-20. If you are not accepted, you will be sent a letter with explanation.

To travel, you will need the following:

I-20. This is issued to you by Minnesota West after all application materials are submitted and you have been accepted to our school.

I-901. This form is completed with your payment of $200 to SEVIS, the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System. Read how to submit the I-901 and payment.

Passport. There may be a waiting period to receive your passport due to heightened international security issues. You must have your passport with you when you apply for your visa.

Visa.  You must apply for a visa at an American embassy or consulate. You will be granted a passport up to 120 days before the start date noted on your I-20 form. You may travel to the United States up to 30 days before that start date. Read the requirements for obtaining a visa

I-94. This form is completed on your flight over.

These websites may be helpful
Students and Exchange Visitors
Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

Contact: Beth Bents
International Student Advisor