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Student Forms

These forms require Acrobat Reader (free download).

Academic Forms

Individualized Study Plan 
Program/Advisor Change 
Technical Studies Plan of Study

Admissions Forms

Immunization Form is Required for Admissions

  • If you are an applicant, print, complete and mail this form to the admissions office:  Immunization form

  • If you are already a registered student, use our eform: Immunization e-form
    Note: This e-form utilizes Java, which is a free download. The form only works with these browsers: Internet Explorer 9+,  Mozilla Firefox, or Safari. Java is not available for mobile devices, so this form cannot be submitted using a mobile device. Clear your web browser history before submitting the form.

Other Admissions Forms
Health History Form for Nursing/Allied Health Students 
Influenza Vaccination Administration for Nursing/Allied Health Students
High School Transcript Release
Non-Degree Student Data 
Student Data Change
Student Support 
Transfer Evaluation Appeal 

PSEO Admissions Forms
PSEO Student Registration - for public school students
PSEO Notice of Student Registration - for home school, private, and charter school students

Student Consent Information Forms
Authorization to Release Student Information 
Authorization to Withhold Directory Information
Student Consent Information Release for Employment

Business Services Forms

Deferment of Tuition, Fees and other Charges 
Reciprocity for South Dakota Students
Release of Liability
Short Term Loan Application
Student In State Travel Waiver
Student Senate Stipend Voucher
Student Out of State or International Travel

Financial Aid Forms

Financial Aid Forms

Registration Forms

Academic/Financial Aid Reinstatement Appeal
Application for Graduation
Education Plan
Grade Appeal
Independent Study Request Form
Internship/Field Experience Placement Agreement
Internship/Field Experience Student Packet- Guidelines for Keeping the Journal
Preferred Name Request
Test Out Credit Award Recommendation
Transcript Request