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Registration & Records

How Do I....?

Instructions to:  View your Degree Audit Report (DARS)
Go to: Your e-Services Student Account.  
You will need your StarID and password.


  1. Login.

  2. The Dashboard is your student account home page. Be sure to review any Action Items that you have listed.

  3. Select: Grades and Transcripts (left Menu) to display blue drop down choices in this section.

  4. Select: Interactive Degree Audit Report (left Menu).

  5. Read information and instructions at the top of the page.

  6. Your Minnesota West program is listed at the top of the report. If the program listed is other than the one you are in, please stop in the Registration office and have your major corrected.

  7. Select your program to open a new window displaying your Interactive Degree Audit Report.

  8. Print a copy of the audit.

  9. Close DARS window.

  10. Logout.

Audits can only be run once each day, so you cannot view an audit, register for some classes, then go back to the audit to see how the new classes fit in. You would have to check the audit the following day for any changes.

DARS defaults to use the catalog in place at the time you first enter a major. If you choose to use a later catalog, you need to let the registration office know so we can correct it in our records.

How to Read your Interactive Degree Audit