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Business Office

Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fee rates are set each year by the Minnesota State colleges and universities' Board of Trustees. Fees include student life, State Student Association (MSCSA), technology, and access/parking fees.

2017-18  Tuition & Fees per credit
 Per credit **Per credit - online
Tuition without Fees 171.53 184.03
Student Life Fee 5.50 5.50
MSCSA Fee 0.35 0.35
Technology Fee 10.00 10.00
Access/Parking Fee plus tax 2.35 2.35
Total per Credit with Fees $189.73 $202.23

** Some programs or courses may carry a higher per credit rate due to higher costs associated with the curriculum.

The cost of tuition and fees per semester for a full-time resident student (15 credits) is approximately $2,845.95. Any unpaid balances will be turned over to collections.

Reciprocity Tuition and Fees

Students who live in a state that has a reciprocity agreement with Minnesota will be charged tuition and fees based on their home state's negotiated rate. Students from South Dakota need to complete an Application for Reciprocity and mail it to the campus they plan to attend.  Students from Wisconsin and North Dakota need to apply to their home state to ensure the negotiated tuition rate. All other non-Minnesota resident students will pay the Minnesota resident tuition rate. Contact campus business office staff for current reciprocity rates.

Contact registration staff.

Senior Citizens

A Minnesota resident who is 62 years of age or older (Senior Citizen) is entitled to enroll in a credit bearing course for an administrative fee of $20.00 per credit plus fees on a space available basis.

A Senior Citizen may also enroll in any non-credit open enrollment courses on a space available basis at no charge or may audit a credit bearing open enrollment course on a space available basis at no charge. However, senior citizens auditing a class will be required to pay fees as allowed by MS135A.52. A Senior Citizen enrolled in a closed enrollment contract training or professional continuing education course must pay the regular tuition charge for the course.

In all cases, senior citizens are required to pay for any materials and personal property for the course.