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PSEO:  Registration Information

PSEO students will receive a Registration Access Code (Advisor Access Code) once they are accepted. This Registration Access Code is required in order to register for classes.  

Registration Dates

  • Fall semester registration opens on April 1 for PSEO students.

  • Spring semester registration opens on November 1 for PSEO students.

Adding/Dropping/Withdrawing from Classes

  • You can add classes within the first 5 days of the semester.

  • You can drop classes within the first 14 calendar days (10 business days) of each semester.

  • Dropping classes must be done through a Minnesota West Academic Advisor.

Withdrawing From a Class

To withdraw from a course, you should meet with your high school counselor and a Minnesota West Academic Advisor to discuss any high school graduation ramifications.

To withdraw, you must submit a completed Add/Drop//Withdraw form to your Minnesota West Academic Advisor for processing prior to 4:00 p.m. on the date on which eighty percent (80%) of the days in the academic semester have elapsed. For courses not on a standard academic semester schedule, the final date for official course withdrawal shall be the date on which eighty percent (80%) of the instructional days for the course have elapsed.

You can reference the Student Calendar for withdrawal dates for full semester long classes or contact your Minnesota West Academic Advisor for withdrawal dates for a class not on a standard academic semester schedule.  

Class Schedule

Provide your high school with a copy of your Minnesota West PSEO Class Schedule (make sure to give them a new one if you make schedule changes). For instructions, see Display and Print your Class Schedule.

Registration Access Code (Advisor Access Code) Instructions

  1. Log in to e-Services Student Account. 

  2. Select: Courses and Registration.

  3. Select: Registration Access Code

  4. Enter Registration Access Code (students will enter one code per semester)

  5. Choose Submit

    - The following statement will appear once the Registration Access Code is entered:

    The access code has been successfully entered for this semester.  Note: If you have successfully entered your Access Code, you need not enter the code again for the semester.  If you received an error message, re-enter the correct code or contact your Advisor or Registration office for assistance.

Registering for Classes

  1. Select: “Courses and Registration” (left menu).

  2. Select: “Quick Add/Register” (left menu). If the message states that your window is open, you may register. If your window is closed, you must wait until the time indicated.  (Students can also use the “Search for a Course” option to register for courses, which involves searching for courses using various parameters such as location, subject, course number, etc.)

  3. Choose the appropriate year and term from the drop-down menu

  4. Enter the 6 digit course id numbers of the courses you wish to take. These numbers may have been provided to you by your advisor.  They are also found in the class schedule.

  5. Press the “Register” button at the bottom of the screen when all courses have been entered.

  6. Enter your password and press the “Register” button

  7. Wait until you see a message, “Your request was processed successfully” along with a schedule of your selected classes.

  8. Print a copy of your schedule by selecting the Print icon near the bottom of the page. Verify that the correct courses are on the printout.

  9. Provide your high school with a copy of your class schedule.  

  10. Log out.