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Financial Aid

Student Employment - Work Study

Minnesota West has student employment positions available on each campus and center location. Jobs available include working in the LARC, office/clerical work, maintenance, computer lab, technical program assistance, athletic department, faculty assistants, etc. We also offer off-campus positions working for non-profit organizations.

To apply for work study, complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and indicate an interest in work study funding. If work study is listed on your Award Letter, you are eligible to apply for a position. It does not guarantee that you will find a job or be able to earn the whole amount. If work study is not listed on your Award Letter, you may still be eligible. Contact a Resource Specialist or the Communication Center to find out if you qualify.

Eligibility Requirements: Students must have a financial need based on FAFSA data.

Wage Rate:  As of December 27, 2017, the rate is $10.00 per hour. Students cannot work during regularly scheduled classes.

Timesheets:  Every other Wednesday by 2:00 p.m., timesheets must be submitted via e-Services in order to be processed timely. Students are paid bi-weekly via direct deposit.

How do I find a work study position?  
  1. Print the payroll forms below:
    1. Work Study Contract and Confidentiality Agreement (supervisor and student need to sign).
    2. Student Work Study Handbook.
    3. I-9 Employment Form, Instructions for completing I-9 Form.
    4. W-4 Form.
  2. Student employment - workstudy positions are listed on the website.  It is your responsibility to contact the supervisor and set up an appointment to apply for the work study position of your choice. 

  3. Contact the supervisor to inquire and interview for the work study position.

  4. When you have been offered employment, you must meet with your supervisor to determine your work
    schedule and sign the Work Study Contract.  

  5. Bring the Work Study Contract and two forms of identification with you, such as a Driver’s License and Social Security Card, to your campus and meet with the Resource Specialist to complete your payroll forms (I-9 and W-4). You cannot begin work until the payroll forms have been completed.

  6. Sign up for direct-deposit on your student account.  You can print a copy of the payroll calendar  for your records. It will be your responsibility to record your hours worked on your e-timesheet. Remember…you cannot work during regularly scheduled class time.

For questions or concerns regarding your work study award or your job assignment, please contact a Resource Specialist or the Communication Center at 800-658-2330.