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How Do I....?

Instructions to:  Setup Direct Deposit

Go to: Your e-Services Student Account.  
You will need your StarID and password.

  1. Login.

  2. The Dashboard is your student account home page.  Be sure to review any Action Items that you have listed.

  3. Select: Financial Aid (left menu) to display blue dropdown choices in this section. 

  4. Select: Direct Deposit Setup.

  5. Choose "Add Direct Deposit Account."

  6. Enter banking account type, routing number (example given), and banking account number.

  7. Re-enter banking account number.

  8. Enter your e-Services password.

  9. Press the "Save" button to complete the request.

  10. You will receive a message that your request is bring processed and setup is pending.

  11. Choose "Change Direct Deposit" to make changes, such as new bank or account number.

  12. Logoff.