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Financial Aid

Apply for Financial Aid

Follow these steps:

Step 1
Apply for admission. New students must apply to the College and be admitted before financial aid can be awarded.

Step 2
Gather your Social Security number, your Income Tax Return, and your parent’s Income Tax Return (if you are under 24 and not married).

Step 3
You (and your parents if you are a dependent student) will need to create a Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID. This will be your electronic signature on your FAFSA. Go to the Federal Student Aid website to create your FSA ID.

Step 4
Visit to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You will be required to create a password just in case you have to save and close your application at any time. The school code for all Minnesota West campuses is 005263.

Step 5
Your financial aid will be processed by the FAFSA Central Processor which could take up to two weeks depending on the time of year. During this time, the Financial Aid Office will contact you via email (your Minnesota West email account if you have one) if further information or verification is needed. Complete your FAFSA for fall enrollment by July 15 to ensure your aid is processed before fall term begins.

Step 6
You will receive notification of your Award Letter which details the types and amounts of aid for which you are eligible. At this time, you can access your award through your Minnesota West e-Services Student Account. Your login information is on your college acceptance letter.

Step 7
Evaluate the Financial Aid that you have been offered to decide which sources you will use. To view your cost of attendance, go to Bills and Tuition option on your e-Services Student Account.

Grants - This is gift aid that you don’t have to pay back (Pell Grant, Minnesota State Grant, etc).
Subsidized Loans - This aid has to be paid back, but no interest accrues while you are in school.
Unsubsidized Loans - This aid has to be paid back and interest accrues while you are in school.
Work Study - This is on-campus employment.  Contact a Resource Specialist to see if you qualify.

Step 8
To request your loans, go to your e_Services Student Account, select Financial Aid and then Loans. Go to each tab across the top of the screen to complete all of the loan application steps. You can also use this site to check on the status of your loan application at any time.

Step 9
Text books may be purchased using a book voucher if you have submitted a valid FAFSA to Minnesota West. Check the bookstore for dates that book vouchers are available.

Step 10
Your financial aid is applied towards your college account at the Business Office after the start of the term. You can receive any overage money by either direct deposit (into your bank account) or by a check. Paper checks will be mailed to the permanent address on your student record. Direct deposit is the preferred method for student overage disbursement..