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Human Resources Office

Retirement Plans

Under provisions of Minnesota law, most state employees are members of a state retirement plan.

  • Classified employees are enrolled in a defined benefit plan with the Minnesota State Retirement System General Plan.

  • Unclassified employees are enrolled in one of several retirement funds – MSRS General Plan or Unclassified Plan, Teachers Retirement Association, or the Defined Contribution Retirement Plan.

  • There is no mandatory retirement age for employees.

Defined Benefit Plans

A pension plan provides you a benefit at retirements based on a formula that takes into account your years of service, High-5 Compensation and the age at which you begin to receive benefits.

Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS)

Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA)

Teachers Retirement Association (TRA)

Minnesota State colleges and universities and TIAA-CREF

Defined Contribution Retirement Plan (DCR)

These defined contribution plans provide you a benefit at retirement based on the amount of your contributions, Minnesota State contributions and the market value change (earnings). The investments you select and the performance of those investments over time will have a significant effect on the amount of your retirement benefit.

Minnesota State Defined Contribution Retirement Plan
This site provides investment fund descriptions and performance, forms, and video presentations on Individual Retirement Account Plan (IRAP) and the Supplemental Retirement Plan (SRP).
TIAA-CREF 800-682-8969

Additional Voluntary Coverage

Employees can choose to contribute additional amounts to two other retirement plans. Employees can contribute to one or both of these plans, but contributions are subject to the IRS regulatory maximums.

Minnesota State Deferred Compensation Plan (457)
MnDCP is a voluntary retirement savings plan under section 457 of the Internal Revenue Code. Find more information about the plan, investment options, and forms on this site.

Tax Sheltered Annuity Programs (403b)
TSA is a voluntary retirement savings program offered by Minnesota State.
TIAA-CREF, 800-682-8969