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Human Resources Office

Optional Employee Benefits

Minnesota Management & Budget - Insurance Benefits

Affinity Credit Union


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

EAP provides cost-free, confidential, professional assistance to help employees and their families resolve personal problems that may, though not necessarily, be affecting job performance. EAP is primarily an assessment, short-term counseling and referral agency.

Life Insurance

Ochs 800-392-7295

Pre-tax Program
Pre-tax benefits allow an employee to pay for certain expenses with money that is deducted from pay before it is taxed. Because the employee is taxed less, take-home pay may be more. The following are pre-tax benefits: Health and Dental Premium Expense Account, Dependent Care Expense Account, Medical/Dental Expense Account, Parking Permit Expense Account.
Eide Bailley 800-300-1672

Short-term, Long-term Disability/Managed Income Protection Plan
If an employee becomes disabled because of an illness or injury and can’t work, Short Term Disability (STD) benefits help replace lost income. Benefits begin on the 1st day of an accident or 8th day of an illness and can continue for up to 26 weeks while the employee is disabled. Long-term disability benefits extend income protection if a disability lasts for more than six months.
Hartford 800-752-9713