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Student Senate

Statewide Student Association

The Minnesota Community & Technical College Student Association is recognized as a statewide student association for support of Minnesota community and technical college students.

Each statewide student association shall be affiliated with its campus student association and all students enrolled on those campuses shall be members of their respective statewide association. No changes may be made to student associations located on community college, state university, technical college, or consolidated co-located campuses without the approval of each affected campus association in consultation with its state student association.

Campus Student Association

Students at each Minnesota West campus shall have the right to establish a student government. Minnesota West shall develop policies and procedures to assure representation and participation in student government by students at their constituent campuses. Students on each campus may determine whether they wish to organize a separate student government for their respective campuses.

Minnesota West recognizes the individual student senates as the official body for student representation on each campus. Decisions regarding changes to the campus-level student association are to be made by the students on that campus in consultation with the statewide association.

The campus Student Senate shall have the exclusive right to recommend the chartering of clubs and organizations for approval by the College President.

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