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Customized Training Services

Manufacturing & Trades

To remain competitive,
businesses and industries will
continually need to develop and enhance the abilities of
present employees by assisting them in acquiring the
technical skills driving this dynamic economic sector. We
provide training tailored to the customer's industrial needs.

  • Customized courses are developed accordingly to skill

    level and requirements of client.

  • Courses include hands-on lab work with physical

    industrial equipment and/or simulation software.

  • Other customized courses available upon request.

  • Most courses available onsite, online, or combination.

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Printable Course Flyers

* Commercial Driver's License
* Commerical Vehicle Inspection 
* Strategic Initiatives:
   - Maintenance Awareness, Marshall
   - Maintenance Awareness, Windom
   - Maintenance Awareness, Worthington
* Pilot Car Certification
* Steam & Hot Water Boiler Training


The Minnesota Advanced Manufacturing
Partnership (MNAMP) was created to help
close the "skills gap" in Minnesota by
implementing a structure for
advanced manufacturing education.

See details or contact Les
Kvam or James Wee (contact info
available below)


Questions?  Or suggestions for future classes?
Les Kvam, Manufacturing & Trades Coordinator

James Wee, Manufacturing & Trades Coordinator