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Management Education Programs

Lamb and Wool Management:  Member Producer Program

Program Goals
  1. Provide information and education in the areas of enterprise management, nutrition, health, breeding practices, lambing techniques, facility design and layout, marketing, economics of production and record keeping that will lead to greater bottom line profits.
  2. Assist members in implementing sound, profitable management practices.
  3. Keep members informed of the latest research findings and new technologies available.
  4. Assist in identifying superior genetics and acquiring sound, high quality, productive breeding stock.
  5. Educate members on breeding, feeding and marketing methods that will produce a uniform, high quality market lamb and wool clip that will receive a premium price.
  6. Assist members in developing and using effective financial and production record systems.

Pipestone Lamb and Wool Production Program Option
     Small Flock Imtermediate  Flock Member Producer  Long Distance Sheep Central
Number of Ewes  Less than 100  100-200  Any number  Any number Any number
Distance from  Pipestone  Less than 125
 Less than 125
 Less than 125
 126-225 miles Over 225 miles
Number of Farm  
 1  2


 3(Other states)

 2          1
Scheduled phone farm visit
Small Farm Focus Groups  1  1  1    
Classes  X  X  X  X  Recorded Webinars
Phone Access  X  X  X  X  X
Email Updates  X  X  X  X  X
Newsletters  X  X  X  X  X
Home Study 
 X  X  X  X  Not Included
Sheep Central  X  X  X  X  X
 X  X  X  X  X
 X  X  X  X  
Members Only
Sheep Tour
Meal & Transportation cost only Meal & Transportation cost only Meal & Transportation cost only Meal & Transportation cost only  
Lambing Time Short Course  and Bus Tour Full cost Full cost Reduced fee,
& bus cost only
Reduced fee,
& bus cost only
Reduced fee,
& bus cost only

Lamb and Wool Program Educational Activities

Farm Visits
Each producer will receive farm visits based on selected program option.  Farm visits are scheduled throughout the year.  Each visit is approximately two hours in length and covers questions and concerns pertaining to each individual sheep operation and assists them in applying new technology.

Farm Focus Group
Delivery method designed to enhance sharing of ideas in a small group setting.  This delivery method is a blend of a farm visit and evening meeting.  Each Focus Group (4-6 members) will meet on a farm in a central location and is approximately two and half hours in length.  Group will initially tour the host sheep operation and discuss current management principals allowing time for concerns and input from each individual.  The remainder of the time will focus on specific discussion topics.  One of these sessions will be conducted during the year.

Meetings on various management topics are presented during the year.  Several meetings offer guest speakers as well as hands-on demonstrations.  Meetings are held at Pipestone, MN, Hawarden IA and Granite Falls, MN.  Some of the meeting presentations are also available through the Internet (webinar).

Meetings on various management topics are presented during the year. Several meetings offer guest speakers as well as hands-on demonstrations. Meetings are held at Pipestone, Minnesota and other sites as enrollment warrants. Some of the meeting presentation are also available through the Internet (webinar)

Phone Access
Instructors are available to answer specific management questions at any time. A toll-free number is provided for calls made during office hours.

Email Update
Weekly lamb carcass price and popular commodity price updates will be emailed out to each producer. Additional timely information will also be sent through email. Individuals can also e-mail questions and pictures to instructors.

Members receive periodic newsletters which cover upcoming events, current industry news, and management information.

Home Study Course
Includes fourteen lessons which cover all aspects of modern sheep production. After completion of the course, lessons make good reference material.

Sheep Central 
A password protected Internet site that provides current sheep management information and includes health, nutrition, and facility information along with carcass price trends and enterprise analysis summaries.

Enterprise Analysis
Members are encouraged to submit financial and production records to be analyzed. Enterprise Analysis is valuable in determining management strategies.

On-Farm Demonstrations
Periodic sessions are held on member farms to demonstrate new management technologies.

Lambing Time Short Course and Bus Tour
Designed to cover specific lambing time management topics and view successful lambing operations.  Program members and Long distance members attend at a reduced fee (Meal and Bus cost only) once minimum enrollment is met.  Small and Intermediate flock members pay full rate for Lambing Time Short course and Bus Tour.  The cost of the last Short course was $99.

Members Only Sheep Tour
The purpose of the tour will be to show the latest innovations in sheep buildings, handling systems, feeding systems, and facility layout. Members are responsible for transportation and meal costs.

Sheep Facility Bus Tour
All program options pay full rate for Sheep Facility Tour.  This tour is only offered every other year.  The cost of the last tour was $170.  Tour is offered again June 2014.

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