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Lamb and Wool Management:  Sheep Management Wheel

The Pipestone Sheep Management Wheel was developed to make ewe flock management decisions simple and easy. The wheel is basically a management calendar. It works by setting the date you lamb and all the management tasks that you need to do for the ewe and her lambs for the entire year are indicated on the wheel.

The wheel contains lots of management information based on the way we raise sheep in the Pipestone area. The wheel is made of high quality, washable plastic that will last a very long time. It also makes a great gift. The cost of the wheel is $12.

management wheel

To order a Pipestone Sheep Management Wheel

Send $12 (make checks payable to Minnesota West) to:
Pipestone Lamb and Wool Program
1314 North Hiawatha
P. O. Box 250
Pipestone, Minnesota 56164

Questions or more information?


Philip Berg

Laurie Johnson
507 825-6815


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