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Powerline Technology, A.A.S.


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The Powerline Technician major is designed to train students to become apprentices in powerline construction and maintenance. Students learn basic skills and applications in transmission and distribution.

Persons trained in this field work for power companies installing and maintaining overhead and underground powerlines. They install equipment such as overvoltage and overcurrent protective devices, transformers, capacitors, and regulators. Powerline technicians are employed by investor owned power companies, consumer owned power companies, municipalities, and by electrical contractors.

  Summer Session II  
Pole Climbing and Equipment Operations I 3
Electrical and Rigging Safety 3
  Credits Summer Session 6
  Fall - Year 1  
Electrical Circuits Fundamentals 3
Pole Climbing and Equipment Operations II 4
Electric Distribution of Powerlines I 4
Blueprint, Schematics and Transit 3
  Credits Fall - Year 1 14
  Spring - Year 1  
Electric Distribution of Powerlines II 4
Electric Distribution of Powerlines III 4
Transformer Banking I 3
Generation, Transmission and Distribution 3
  Credits Spring - Year 1 14
  Fall - Year 2  
Transformer Banking II 2
Reclosures and Protective Equipment 2
Protective Relays 2
Composition I 3
College Algebra or higher 3
  Credits Fall - Year 2 12
  Spring - Year 2  
Metering I 3
Regulators and Capacitators 2
  Humanities 3
  General Education 6
  Credits Spring - Year 2 14

Humanities Electives from: Art, Foreign Language, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Theater, Western Civilization.

General Education Electives from: English, Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics, Natural Science, Art, Foreign Language, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Theatre, Western Civilization, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

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