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Education Paraprofessional, Certificate


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This certificate program prepares graduates for employment in a K-12 school district and provides a curriculum which meets the core competencies. The curriculum will provide a career pathway for paraprofessional which will allow them to begin, continue and enhance their education. The curriculum is organized to move the learner through the selected course work online and through the A.S. Degree.

The certificate is made up of four required and five elective online classes developed by incorporating the core competencies that have been produced for paraprofessionals by the Institute on Community Integration at the University of Minnesota. The coursework is designed to begin students with a 12-credit certificate which is part of the Child Development Track of the Human Services degree.

Foundations of Child Development 2
Special Needs of Young Children 2
Guidance: Managing the Physical & Social Environments 2
Behavior Management 2
Electives - 4 credits from following courses:  
Health Nutrition & Safety 2
Family and Comm. Relations 3
Autism 1
American Sign Language 3
CSCI 1102
Introduction to Microcomputers 3

Updated: si 4/25/07