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Academic Programs

Cosmetology - Other States, Diploma


Locations: Jackson and Pipestone.                  
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Program description: Students receive theory as well as practical experience in hair, skin, and nail care through classroom study, demonstrations and practical experience in the campus clinic. Areas of study include sanitation and sterilization techniques, hygiene, and grooming. Upon successful completion of hours and quota requirements mandated by the Board of Cosmetologists Examiners. Some of the opportunities include beauty salon owner, beauty salon manager, make-up artist, specialist in a particular branch of cosmetology, colorist, hair and scalp specialist, esthetician, stylist, manufacturer's representative and others.

  Fall - Year 1  
Preclinic Introduction  4
Preclinic Hair Care  4
Preclinic Nail Care  4
Preclinic Chemical Control  3
Preclinic Skin Care  3
Preclinic Hair Color  3
  Total Credits Fall - Year 1 21
  Spring Year 1  
Salon Preparation  4
Clinic II  4
Clinic V  4
Clinic VI  4
Clinic VIII  3
License Prep. for Cosmetology I  2
  Credits Spring - Year 1 21
  Fall - Year 2  
Advanced Hair Care  4
Clinic I  4
Clinic III  4
Clinic IV  3
Clinic VII  4
License Prep. for Cosmetology II  2
  Credits Fall - Year 2 21
  Spring - Year 2  
Licensure Seminar  2
Salon Operations VIII 1-18


Updated: si 1/2/13