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Agriculture Production, A.A.S.

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This A.A.S. degree of Agriculture Production is designed for the student whose career is in production Agriculture. This degree has two options, one is an Agronomy emphasis and the other has an emphasis of Animal Science. The student will focus on course and lab work closely aligned to prepare the student to enter this field. This program is composed of many courses in Agriculture leading to a graduate with extensive preparation in Production Agriculture.

Composition I 3
Introduction to Speech 3
Issues in the Environment 3
Principles of Macro Economics  or 3
Principles of Micro Economics 3
  Humanities Electives 3
  General Education Electives 5
  Ag production core requirements with emphasis:
Agronomy or Animal Science
Farm Records & Business Analysis 4
Marketing & Pricing 3
Farm & Ranch Management 4
Internship 2-11
  Students should choose 15 credits from either Agronomy or Animal Science listed below  

Principles of Agronomy 3
Introduction to Soil Science 3
Weed Control 3
Soil Fertility & Fertilizers 3
Corn & Soybean Production 3
AGRI 2214
Machinery Prin. & Management 3

Ag Mechanics Electives 3
Animal Science  
Livestock Production 3
Principles of Agronomy 3
Introduction to Soil Science 3
Dairy Technician 2
Principles of Animal Nutrition 3
AGRI 2216
Introduction to Meat Science 3
Notes:  Electives include AUTO 1194 and AUTO 1195
Updated: si 5/14/14