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Information Technology

 After migration, use this
 login for Faculty & Staff Email 

Email for Faculty & Staff


Migration to the new Minnesota State email system - Office 365
The goal of this project is to bring all Minnesota State colleges and universities into a single email system with Office 365. Employees with multiple site assignments will have a single mailbox that will work at each participating institution. Minnesota West changed over to the new email system December 15-17, 2017.

Note: D2L, eServices, and computer logins will remain the same.

Web-based Access to Email

After the upgrade, you will be able to access your email through the website just as you have always done. However, the URL for this access has changed to   (The website link at the top of this page has been changed to the new URL.)

Your email address doesn’t change. HOWEVER, to log in to the system, now you will be using as your username (replacing the starid with your actual starid). Then enter your StarID password.

Computer-based Email (Outlook application on your computer)

If you use the Outlook application on your computer, you will need to set up after the upgrade. This is an individual process on each computer. You will need to create a new Outlook profile before you can access your email.
If you are uncomfortable updating your computer, please complete an AskIT ticket and we will get to you as soon as possible.  ***Note that you can still use the web-based email while you wait for someone to help you with the computer-based version.
If you have an emergency on Monday morning and need assistance, please contact your campus IT support.

Follow these instructions to create a new Outlook profile on your office computer. 

  1. Make sure Outlook is NOT running.
  2. Open the o365ST folder on the Shared (S:\) drive.
  3. Double-click the S:\O365ST\ Migrate_Outlook_Profile.exe file.  A window will open and shut quickly.
  4. You should see a "Welcome to Outlook 2013 Window." (Or whatever version of outlook you are using)
  5. Off campus users should select this link: Clear Outlook Credentials to download and run the Migrate_Outlook_Profile.exe.
  6. Select the Next > button.
  7. Leave the Yes option selected and choose the Next > button again.
  8. Your normal email address should appear in the E-mail Address: box. Select the Next > button.
  9. The "Configuring" window will fail to connect and give you a pop-up window.
  10. Replace the login name (… with Remember to replace "starid" with your actual StarID.
  11. Put your StarID password in the Password box.
  12. Check the Remember my Credentials box.
  13. Select the OK button.
  14. Wait a moment or two for Outlook to open.

If you have questions, please contact your campus IT support.
  - Your greetings will be lost, but  the system will have a default message in place (with your name), so you won’t lose any incoming messages.
  - When the new system is in place, you will receive an email with instructions on accessing your new voicemail system.

Export Your Address Book
Information is available at Export Contacts from Outlook.

Email on Mobile Devices
If you have your phone or tablet set to check your email, you will need to update that information as well. You will need to remove your existing account and set up a new account.

See Outlook Help Instructions:
Choose Mobile Phones. Then Mobile Phone Setup Wizard. Choose your device operating system and select, "Setup Microsoft Exhange..." 
Then follow instructions.

You may need the following settings:
Email -
Server -
Username -
Password - StarIDpassword 

Or if you prefer, you may download an 0365 app for your IPhone/IPad.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I login to email online after the change?
To login to email online, do the following:
  -  Go to the Minnesota website ( At the Faculty & Staff drop-down menu, choose Email Account. The email link is at the top of the page.
  -  On the email login page, in the first field enter (replacing "starid" with your StarID).
  -  The "Password" is your StarID password.

Did my email address change?
No, your email address did NOT change.
Your email is still (e.g.

What if my Outlook fails to connect on my computer?
If Outlook on your computer asks for a username/password, use "" as your user name and your StarID password as the password. Things will look normal after that.
  - This is the same for online email.

I lost emails, email folders, etc. after the switch. What now?
Your email should have come over correctly and in full. If it did not, please contact your campus IT support.

There is one exception: if you created your own groups out of our contacts, you will have to recreate those groups. The contacts should still be here.

How do I limit my address book?
Information is available on using your Address Book.

How does this affect students?
Students are already using Office 365 online, but they now will use "" as their username.