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International Students: After Your Arrival

When you arrive in Minnesota from your home country, you should report to the Worthington campus as soon as possible for a document check with the international student advisor. At that time, you will enroll for health insurance and register for your classes. 

The College provides several support services to help students succeed. In addition to providing accommodations for disabilities, available services include tutoring, help with study skills, computer assistance, and more. If you believe you could profit from such services, complete the support services form and return it to your campus student services office.

Most international students attend classes on the Worthington campus, but some choose technical programs that are located on one of the other campuses.

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Students may work on campus, or for a college-related business off campus, up to 20 hours per week during the school year. There are two components that must be met for qualified on-campus employment:

  • Limits on the type and location of the employment, and
  • Limited to jobs that do not displace a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident.

Work on campus does not mean work-study, which is a form of financial aid. Under no circumstances may first year students work on or off campus for a non-college related business.

Off-campus employment may be authorized in the second year of study only in cases of severe economic hardship occurring subsequent to enrollment in an academic program or in emergent circumstances as defined by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  Off-campus employment must be approved by both the college and DHS.


Campus housing lists are available on each campus informational site.

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A limited taxi service operates in Worthington, but no city buses or shuttles are available. Public transportation in rural communities in the United States is rare. Students who don't drive cars will need to find alternative forms of travel to College campuses, such as riding with friends, walking or riding bicycles.

Your College Classes

Minnesota West offers some it its classes through ITV, in which a series of television monitors and computers allow students at multiple campuses to participate in a class with one instructor. Many online classes are also offered. Students may use their personal computers or use the computers located on campus to take any online classes.

International students are required to take a minimum of 12 credits, which is typically four to six classes. Those classes might be a mix of regular classroom, ITV, and online.  At least 9 of those credits must be face-to-face classes (regular classroom or ITV).  Additional credits may be selected from regular classroom, ITV, or online courses.

The international student advisor will assist you in choosing classes that work best for your area of study and your preferred learning style.

Contact: Beth Bents
International Student Advisor