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Student Services

Campus Safety Information

Bombs and Bomb Threats

Policy: No student or employee of Minnesota West will falsely report or threaten that a bomb exists on college property. Furthermore, no student or employee of the college will anonymously report or threaten that a bomb exists on college property.

Consequences: Any student or employee found to have violated this policy will be immediately suspended until an investigation is completed.

Procedure: If a student or employee believes a bomb is on college property, he or she shall report all appropriate information to the campus administrative office immediately and disclose his or her name.

In the case of a reported bomb or threat, students and staff will be directed by their assigned instructor or supervisor to leave the building. Students and staff will remain out of the building until released by proper authorities.

Emergency Procedures
Minnesota West Community & Technical College recognizes its responsibilities to provide a healthful environment and the safest conditions for its students. Effectiveness of the instructional programs is in a large part determined by an environment free from disruptions to the learning process. Minnesota West will take all practical steps to safeguard students from accidents or perilous environmental conditions and to maintain an effective safety organization at all times.

Effective supervision of students shall remain in force whenever students are on campus under supervision of college personnel. Students’ safety shall be an integral part of the curriculum in all technical programs and in majors that could present possible danger or harm to students. The College recognizes the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 and associated state legislation to be consistent with the purpose of the College. The application of federal and state standards for working conditions, structural limits and acceptable work practices shall be continuous and integral. 

Safety and Accidents
Each student shall be acquainted with the campus safety precautions. College staff shall enforce any special requirements deemed necessary to provide such safety. All injuries shall be reported immediately to the instructor or supervisor. The instructor or supervisor shall submit a written report to the administration office within 24 hours of the incident being reported.

An annual Campus Safety Report is available. Minnesota West Community & Technical College reserves the right to contact emergency services in case of injury or illness.

Safety Glasses
Minnesota state law requires that every person shall wear industrial quality eye protection devices when participating in hazardous training activities while enrolled in educational programs. The College will comply with the law by requiring that all students, staff and visitors wear industrial quality safety glasses in designated hazardous areas.

The instructor or administrative staff will initiate the following action if a student is not wearing safety glasses while in a designated hazardous area:

  1. The student will receive two warnings.
  2. The third offense may result in suspension.

Weapon Policy
The College recognizes the need to provide a safe and secure environment. Minnesota West Community & Technical College shall adhere to and enforce Minnesota State Colleges & Universities Policy 5.21.

Employees and students with a reasonable basis for believing an individual is in possession of or carrying a firearm in violation of this policy has a responsibility to report the suspected act in a timely manner, unless doing so would subject him or her or others to physical harm. Incidents should be reported to the Campus Administrator, other college administration, or, if they are not available, the local police department.

Examples of weapons shall include, but not be limited to: guns (including pellet guns, look-alike guns, non-functioning guns that could be used to threaten others), knives, clubs, metal knuckles, nunchaku, throwing stars, explosives, stun guns, ammunition, and other items used in a threatening manner.

Consequences of violating this policy are confiscation of the weapon, notification to the police department, and immediate suspension until an investigation is completed. Violators will be placed in custody of local law enforcement officials.

Workplace Violence

Minnesota West Community & Technical College has adopted a policy of zero tolerance of violence on all property owned or operated by the college. It is the goal of Minnesota West to achieve an educational environment that is free from threats and act of violence. The college will not tolerate workplace violence of any type from any source. This includes threatening or violent actions by employees directed against other employees, by employees directed against students or other workplace visitors, and by students or visitors directed against other students, visitors or employees.