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Disability Services

Application for Services

To receive Disability Services, you must be a registered student at Minnesota West and have a disability recognized under the Americans with Disability Act.

Students with disabilities are those who have one or more of the following documented conditions:

  • Limited Vision.

  • Blindness.

  • Deafness.

  • Impaired Hearing.

  • Mobility Disability.

  • Speech Disability.

  • Systemic Disability.

  • Chemical Dependency Disability.

  • Learning Disability (LD).

  • Psychiatric Disorder.

  • ABI-Acquired Brain Injury/TBI-Traumatic Brain Injury Disability.

  • ADHD/ADD-Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder/Attention Deficit Disorder.

  • Mental Impairment.

  • Any other documented disability that could limit success in a program or activity without accommodations.

Verification of a disability must be provided prior to receiving disability services. Verification may be in the form of confirmation of a disability from a previous school, institution or medical documentation related to your disability.

Procedure to apply for Disability Services:

  1. Print and complete the Application for Disability Services. The application form is also available from Disability Services staff.

  2. Submit the application along with acceptable documentation from a certified professional (i.e. physician, psychologist, or counselor) of the disability.

  3. Set up an appointment with your campus Disability Services staff to discuss services available.

  4. A copy of the Minnesota State Board Policy 1B.4 will be provided to any individual requesting services.