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Students of Cultural Diversity

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Culture Corner is located in the Information and Technology building on the Worthington campus. It is the college’s principle Office of Cultural Diversity. The office provides a central location where underrepresented students can access services designed to help them succeed. The office was first funded in 2004 “with the purpose of improving retention of students of color, as well as increasing racial, ethnic, and gender diversity among undergraduate students.”  The college provides a variety of programs, services, and referrals that are intended to enrich the campus experience and enhance learning for all students.

We strive to:

  • encourage through sensitivity training and programming, the development of a climate in which all cultures, especially persons of color, are appreciated as valued members of the campus community.

  • increase minority enrollment at Minnesota West Community and Technical College by assisting the college’s student recruitment efforts.

  • increase the retention of minorities at the college by providing programs and services designed to help students achieve their academic and career aspirations.

  • encourage and assist students of color with their academic and social adjustments to college life.

  • serve as a liaison between students of color, the faculty, and administration.

  • promote the positive image that all cultures contribute to the college and make the college experience a productive successful endeavor for all students at Minnesota West Community & Technical College.
Programs and Services

Depending on the individual needs of the student, we are committed to working closely with community counselors and agencies to provide the most effective tools available to each student.

  • Information and referral.

  • Social and cultural activities.

  • Cultural awareness programming.

  • Diversity Training.

  • Assistance filing Financial Aid and Admissions applications.

  • Advising and related services for International Students.

Le Lucht, Director of Cultural Diversity