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Student Services

Student Clubs and Organizations:  Ambassadors

Program Goal

The Student Ambassador program at Minnesota West is designed to promote involvement, encouragement, and excitement about the Worthington Campus with prospective students through the leadership skills and enthusiasm of our current Minnesota West students. The Student Ambassador program at Minnesota West has been established to further promote an enhanced student connection between our current students and prospective students.

Minnesota West Ambassador Position Overview

The Minnesota West Student Ambassadors will be a vital part of the admission process. Often times we get one opportunity to talk with a prospective student, and we need to make the most of it. On a typical visit to the college, a prospective student will speak with someone in admissions, a representative of their chosen field, in some cases a counselor, and also be taken on a tour of the Worthington Campus facility.

During the academic year, the Ambassador would be responsible for participation in the following activities:

  • Lead Campus Tours as requested. (Based on availability with class schedules.)
  • Send follow-up cards (or emails) to prospective students to keep the peer communication flow intact.
  • Assist with Fall and Spring Registration/Orientation sessions for incoming students.
  • Assist with Campus Marketing events either geared toward prospective students or the community at-large.
  • Work side-by-side with the Student Senate in representing the student body of the Worthington Campus for visits from accrediting agencies, state and local officials, and others.

Application procedure

  • All candidates must complete an application/essays for consideration for the Student Ambassador program.
  • Applications will be reviewed by a Selection Committee.
  • Student selected to serve as an Ambassador will be required to attend weekly meetings and participate in necessary campus functions.

Selection Criteria

  • The applicant must meet a 3.0 GPA guideline.
  • The applicant must be enrolled as a full-time student (minimum of 12 credits per semester) to remain eligible for this position.
  • Applicants must have excellent communication skills in a one-on-one situation, as well as in a group setting.
  • Applicant must demonstrate proven leadership abilities.
  • Applicant must also demonstrate good time management and organizational skills.

Benefit to the Student Ambassador

  • The Student Ambassador will become a part of the Admission Team with the invitation to attend meetings and provide input into the Admissions process.
  • On a personal level, it is our goal that Student Ambassadors would grow in this leadership role through the advancement of their own interpersonal and public relation skills.

Benefit to the Worthington Campus of Minnesota West

  • Prospective students will be engaged in a very friendly, yet informative, campus visit process. This peer to peer visit will help to foster a genuine rapport between the college and the prospective student.
  • The Student Ambassadors will increase our staffing options at various events expanding potential marketing opportunities.
  • The Campus gains in the long-term, with a stronger and closer connection with future alumni.
  • And finally, through the development of student leadership,  we create enhanced options in our efforts to attract outstanding students to Minnesota West.

To apply to the Ambassador Program, students should complete the Student Ambassador Application.