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Student Services

Student Clubs and Organizations

Minnesota West believes that student clubs/organizations are an integral part of the total education program. A group is recognized as a club/organization if its composition and activities are of such a nature that the College deems itself to be responsible for the actions of the group. Students have the opportunity for representation in college committees involving or affecting student interests to promote appropriate levels of student participation in campus/college decision making and assuring that student perspectives are considered.

Minnesota West has an all-comers policy.  Consequently, all registered student organizations must allow any interested student to participate, become a member, or seek leadership positions in the organization, regardless of their status or beliefs.

Alpha Nu Kappa
The Worthington Campus Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa is a national honor fraternity for the liberal arts college student. Membership is by invitation based on 15 semester hours of credit with a 3.50 or above grade point average. The group sponsors various service activities throughout the year.

Art Club
Students who are interested in the arts are invited to learn and grow through assisting with Art Department workshops, conferences and programming.

Athletics - Extramural
Students on the Granite Falls campus may participate in basketball and volleyball in cooperation with other area colleges.

Athletics - Intercollegiate
Minnesota West subscribes to the philosophy that area athletes should be the basis of any athletic program. Operating within that philosophy has led to highly successful athletic programs for both men and women on the Worthington Campus. Men's teams participate in football, basketball, wrestling, golf, and baseball. Women's teams compete in volleyball, basketball, golf, and softball. Minnesota West is a member of the Minnesota Community College Athletic Conference and the National Junior College Athletics Association. Students from all campuses of Minnesota West are encouraged to participate in the activities held at the Worthington Campus. 

Athletics -
There are intramural activities for both men and women on all campuses of Minnesota West depending on interest.  Any sport that generates sufficient interest and meets with college approval can be arranged as an intramural activity.

Business Professionals of America
BPA is a professional organization for students in business and office programs. Its purposes are to promote student leadership, develop vocational competence in office occupations, promote an understanding of business, and improve student poise, sociability, attitude and tact. Members have the opportunity to participate in state and national conferences, elections and competitive events.

College Ambassadors
Worthington campus-based Ambassadors serve the college and its constituents by providing tours of campus to visitors, assisting with special events on campus and representing the college in community events throughout the year. As an Ambassador, students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, take part in volunteer activities, and represent the college in a positive way.

Cosmetology Club
Pipestone cosmetology students may participate in the activities of this club, which focus primarily on fundraising events for the Fall INSalon Hairshow held in St. Paul each October.

Cultural Diversity Club
Interested, enthusiastic students are invited to be part of this multi-cultural group, who look at ways of connecting with our surrounding communities and who help with planning events that celebrate the rich diversity found on the Worthington Campus.

Law Enforcement Club
This Club is a visual component of the Law Enforcement Program's "Pride-Purpose-Professionalism." Women and men, who are committed to developing and executing strong representation within communities, volunteer for many different events such as the Adopt-A-Highway Program, Christmas Basket Exchange, and the Red Cross Blood Drive. Students gain valuable experiences in leadership, organization, and relationships.

Vocal music offerings at the Worthington Campus include collegiate chorale and pops group. These groups normally present a concert each semester and tour during spring semester. Instrumental musicians have the opportunity to participate in jazz band or the Worthington City Band.

Postsecondary Agricultural Student Organization (PAS) is associated with agriculture/agribusiness offerings in approved postsecondary institutions. Minnesota West agriculture students participate in career competitive events at the state and national conferences as well as attend local events set by the chapter members.

Skills USA
Canby campus participates in this professional organization for students in trade, industrial, technical, or health programs. Members exchange ideas, discuss problems, and work together for common goals. Skills USA offers students a chance to gain recognition for themselves, their program and the College through competition in occupational skill areas and leadership development contests.

Student Senate
Each Minnesota West campus/center has a student organization that represents leadership, academics and volunteerism throughout the campus and community of Minnesota West. The Student Senate is the voice of the student body and represents the college in a positive manner at the campus, regional and state levels.

The Worthington campus provides an opportunity for students to participate in major theatrical productions. In addition to acting, opportunities to participate in the technical phase of each production are offered.

Uncover Magazine
UnCover Magazine is the Minnesota West magazine of art and creative writing. UnCover publishes all kinds of creative work submitted by Minnesota West students as well as features by the UnCover editors. Students are welcome to join the editorial staff and to submit their writing and artwork for publication.

Absences for Attending College Events

Students enrolled at Minnesota West and who participate in college-sponsored activities and approved Instructor-generated field trips shall be excused from missed classes without prejudice or penalty. This policy is intended to permit students to participate in events and activities without jeopardizing their academic standings or penalizing them in the classes they miss.

The activity advisor, coach or instructor will submit a list of students to be excused from classes along with the name of the event or activity, dates and times of absence to the campus Administrator for approval and notification to the campus faculty.

It is the student’s responsibility to contact his/her instructors at least two days prior to the absence to arrange to make-up work missed. Instructors may require make-up work to be complete prior to the absence. The student is responsible for all work missed during the approved absence period.

Once the student has notified the Instructor, it is the Instructor’s responsibility to arrange for make-up work or alternative assignments so that the student is not penalized for an approved absence. It is understood that all missed classroom experiences cannot be replicated exactly.