Course Description

HLTH.2220 - Drugs, Society, and the Individual (3)
Explores relationships between drugs, sociocultural influences, and individual attitudes and behaviors. With an emphasis on psychoactive chemicals, this course surveys the physiological effects and psychosocial impact of a wide array of drugs. Investigates patterns of drug use; drug laws, consequences of drug abuse; addiction, intervention, treatment, recovery, and prevention strategies from both individual and social perspectives. Meets the MN teacher licensure requirement for MS122A.66 and is a foundation course for those seeking careers in education, health, and other human services professions. Prerequisite: At least one (1) of the following courses: HLTH 1101, PSYC 1101, SOC 1101, OR BIOL 1100 OR 1110.

Course Outline - Drugs, Society, and the Individual [pdf]