Course Description

EMS.1110 - First Responder Basic (2)
Designed to deliver essential training that will give individuals the knowledge and skills necessary to begin critical assessments and to provide immediate care for patients at the scene of an injury, illness or emergency. The didactic portion of this course is completed online through highly innovative technology including interactive full motion video, audio, text, virtual reality and scenarios. In addition, there are 4 skills training/check off blocks scheduled throughout the course. These Skill Blocks are mandatory and will be located at designated sites. Upon successful completion of this course the student will be registered with the State of Minnesota as a First Responder and will be eligible to take a First Responder to EMT Bridge course through any MNSCU institution.

Course Outline - First Responder Basic [pdf]

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum Goal Area(s): Not Available OR Does not Apply

Course Availability

000917 91 1 0 16 5:30pm~9:30pm W 1/11/16~4/13/16 CLADCM-216 Corinna Mead
  Notes: This course will be held Jan. 13 through April 20. The practical and written certification will occur on April 20. As a result of 1999 Minn. legislation, EMR students will need to complete a MN state background check to be eligible for state certification.
          6pm~7pm W 1/13/16~1/13/16 MD-606 Corinna Mead
          5pm~9:30pm W 4/20/16~4/20/16 CLADCM-216 Corinna Mead