Course Description

BIOL.2270 - Microbiology (4)
Covers the fundamentals of the science of microbiology, microscopy, structure and function of cells, metabolism, microbial growth and control, genetics, and recombinant DNA technology. Also covered is a survey of the microbial world including bacteria, viruses, and pathogenic fungi, protozoa and multi-cellular organisms. The interaction between the microbe and its host is covered as well as environmental and applied or industrial microbiology. Laboratory exercises are designed to reinforce lecture material and provide an opportunity for students to (1) master microbiological techniques, (2) develop critical thinking skills, and (3) learn to analyze and present data. Prerequisite: One of these courses: BIOL 1110, CHEM 1101 or CHEM 1150 is recommended.

Course Outline - Microbiology [pdf]