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Registration & Records

How Do I....?

Instructions to:  Display your Unofficial Transcript

Go to: Your e-Services Student Account.  
You will need your StarID and password.


  1. Login. If you want your name to display on the transcript copy, you must check the box to the right of the login screen, prior to logging in.

  2. The Dashboard is your student account home page. Be sure to review any Action Items that you have listed.

  3. Select: Grades and Transcripts (left Menu) to display blue drop down choices in this section. 

  4. Select: Academic Record (left Menu).

  5. You my choose to view your transcript in chronological order, subject order, or by general education groupings.  Chronological order is most common.

  6. Press the "Get Academic Record" button to complete the request.

  7. Choose "Text Copy of this Academic Record" to display unofficial transscript.

  8. Print your transcript.
  9. Logout.